Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pay, transparency issues in Forest Preserve District 2 race

Pay, transparency issues in Forest Preserve District 2 race Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for their article on 10/23 and make the difference crystal clear between the two candidates running for Forest Preserve Commissioner in District 2.

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Here is a highlight from the article about the difference between us regarding salaries...

The commissioners currently are paid $53,500 a year, plus benefits. Kirchenberg said he thinks the salaries should be cut roughly in half, to $25,000.
"It's way too much money. When I talk to voters, they are upset about it," he said. "If I'm elected I won't take a pension and I will move to reduce benefits."

Republican Cantore said he advocated for a reduction in the salary, which had been $57,000, but only could garner support to get it reduced to the current $53,500. DuPage County board members are paid $50,000 a year.
"I wanted the salaries dropped down from $57,000 to $50,000" he said. "It's a good start, but I think it should be more on par with the county board (salaries).".

Kirchenberg charges the current commissioners are more interested in maintaining their salaries and benefits than studying issues. "The current commissioners vote as a block. They get full-time pay and benefits so they don't challenge the status quo."
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